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Roadtrip – High Pointed State #5!

With a 7 hour road trip, and about a 30 minute hike, we were able to bag state number 5! By bag, I mean we were able to climb to the highest point in the state. In this case, it was Driskill Mountain in Louisiana! A beautiful mountain (although more a hill than a mountain), we were able to climb the 535 ft in short order. We certainly appreciate the fact it was private land, and that this passage was opened up for all those trying to high point the 50 states. Also, a shout out to the Boy Scout group maintaining the park at the top of the climb. Very clean and the overlook area was beautiful and serene!

Interesting factoid. Didn’t know, but came to find out that Jack Longacre was the guy that started the organization for high pointing all the states back in 1978. He is from Louisiana and on his passing his ashes were scattered all over Driskell Mountain – the highest point in Louisiana! Very cool and thank you Jack! We will forever be chasing your dream!!!

In memory of Jack, and of our future adventures – let’s do this thing! High pointing is a new way of life and Beth and I have high pointed the following states so far:

  • Clingman’s Dome – Tennessee (6,643 ft elevation)
  • Wheeler Peak – New Mexico (13,167 ft elevation)
  • Mt Elbert – Colorado (14,440 ft elevation)
  • Guadalupe Peak – Texas (8,751 ft elevation)
  • Driskill Mountain – Louisiana (535 ft elevation)

More to come … stay tuned!

Bye for now.

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