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Red Rock, Views, and Bison Galore!

CapRock Canyons State Park in West Texas was an enjoyable camping and hiking adventure. Great campsites, tons of in the beautiful mountains made of red dirt and rocks, and most of all seeing and living with the bison, bison, and more bison!!!!

A little history…there used to be tens of millions of bison roaming Texas in the mid-1800’s and the area around CapRock were where the Indians used to herd the bison off cliffs so that they could eat and stay warm during the winters. Unfortunately the bison were over hunted in the late 1800’s by many groups which caused the bison population to dwindle significantly. Today, there are several places that have helped saved the bison and bring them back – CapRock Canyons being one of them. A site in Texas to see for sure….don’t miss it!

As for the views – CapRock provided great trails and views along the three trails we hiked.

Lower North Prong trail – was a good hike (6 miles) pretty much flat but worth it. Definitely take water and make sure you go early or late in the day. I would think hiking mid-day in the summer months would be too hot for anyone’s comfort!

North Prong Spur – to John Hayes Ridge – a must! This is a bit uphill in the beginning but the views are definitely worth the work! We ended up doing the loop and finished up hiking on the South Upper Prong trail to our car which was a good hike, mostly downhill. In all we did about 7 miles this day, and the views and scenery were Texas-beautiful! We did get to see the cave and it’s worth the hike to see it too!

One Last Thing – don’t forget to tighten down your rain/wind fly on your tent! We didn’t and Beth and I ended up eating West Texas Red-Dirt for about 3 days during and after thing camping trip. Hahahahahaha!!!! We will never forget this again :-).

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