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Deane Marfone – R.I.P.

Deane Marfone was a boss of mine for over 15yrs at my previous employer. Deane simply was a great human being – a leader, very smart, direct as required, and most of all funny! He would always have something to say, then back it all up with a funny comment or joke. Deane offered me a position in management and then took me under his wing, becoming a mentor of mine. He taught me invaluable sales skills around all sorts of topics – forecasting methodologies, sales types, managing up, etc. Deane and I shared many moments together – both professionally as well as personal. I missed Deane the day he retired, and will continue to honor him as I go through life. Thank you Deane. Know you’re loved!

Deane passed a few weeks ago, and unfortunately I couldn’t attend the funeral in SoCal on Monday, April 5th. Instead, I decided to dedicate my day to him and volunteer at the local food bank in Austin – Central Texas Food Bank. He would have loved to have been there with us. 

Deane – know you will never be forgotten, thank you again for all the great memories – R.I.P. my friend!

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